Dub Vulture

Celebrating ten years of devotion to deep bass jams Edmonton’s Dub Vulture cooks up some epic grooves to help us transition into our uncertain future. Formed in 2006, the membership of Dub Vulture has morphed over the years, sometimes incorporating guest vocalists, and at other times exploring the use of sequenced beats, but for the most part Dub Vulture brews up a burbling sonic stew laden with chunky guitar atmospherics and big slabs of gooey basslines.

The three tracks on the recording feel like a musical hex, an acid voodoo incantation to drive away the evil orange apparition. This is dub reggae at its most primitive. Funky organ breaks and searing psychedelic guitar reverberates over a deep foundation of throbbing bass that sends mind melting tremors through your grey matter.

The title track, Trumpocalypse, and its version, Trumpocalypse Dub, totally remind me of the work of 1980’s St. Louis power dub trio Blind Idiot God, while the epic nine minute instrumental Li’l Orange Hands references some gritty guitar breaks that pay sly homage to early Stooges workouts. Deep and delicious, Dub Vulture dispenses a steamy soundtrack to accompany your next divination.

reviewed by Dave O Rama

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